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Our highly customizable monitoring platform allows our support teams to access metrics through comprehensive dashboards, providing a “single pane of glass” experience. Wellbase is committed to managing risk and maintaining high availability, security, and integrity for our client’s systems and critical business applications.

Wellbase Monitoring

Outfitted with the latest monitoring capabilities, personnel can log, track, monitor, and proactively respond to and report on application and system issues, allowing faster root-cause analysis and issue resolution.

Wellbase Coordinator

Wellbase Coordinator is a workflow solution that seamlessly integrates with support systems. See an increase in your team’s efficiency through automation so that users can prioritize actions in real-time.

Our monitoring and coordination tools will quickly improve your performance, reliability, and return on investment.

No matter what hosting provider you use, key service differentiators include:

  • Meets most regulatory compliances for highly secure access and controls
  • Best-in-breed monitoring and maintenance platform for both applications and systems
  • Intelligent alert correlation based on trend analysis and patterns
  • Active operational metrics to allow for functional performance tuning


Offering more than just infrastructure awareness, Wellbase exceeds industry standards by monitoring CPU, RAM, disk, storage, network, and other appliance metrics. Wellbase also monitors internal application and platform performance, including web response time, API performance, database read/writes, globals, and custom metrics specific to the data platform.



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