Detect anomalies quicker. Mobilize response teams sooner.

Empower your business with a versatile cloud monitoring solution that enables you to not only track activity across your ecosystem but also coordinate your support teams as they respond to detected anomalies.

What is Wellbase?

Wellbase Monitoring

With the latest detection and alerting capabilities, Wellbase continuously monitors systems, applications, and databases to proactively identify issues through a collection of configurable collectors. With Wellbase, Personnel are able to quickly perform root-cause analysis and arrive at resolution quickly while maximizing platform availability.

Wellbase Coordinator

Coordinating a multi-tier support team has never been easier. Once an anomaly is detected by Wellbase Monitoring, through Coordinator, support teams receive an alert and work together to resolve the issue in a collaborative, consistent way. Technical support response protocols guide staff each step of the way and provide a framework for escalation and resolution.

Who is Wellbase for?

Wellbase is made for operations teams supporting heterogeneous environments in which one or more systems, applications, and databases are deployed. For example, teams supporting a health information exchange platform would use Wellbase to monitor system resources, interfaces, message queues, master patient index worklists, and more.

What does Wellbase do?

Wellbase insulates customers from beepers and phones going off in the night. Wellbase offers an extensible framework capable of managing and monitoring any software and enables support teams to not only foresee oncoming issues but also address unforeseen issues in a coordinated and consistent manner.

If you have security and performance concerns, Wellbase can ensure your applications are safe and running smoothly with continuous monitoring and analytics. Receive immediate alerts when threats arise and take action to counteract them. Wellbase monitors CPU, RAM, disk, storage, network, and internal application and platform performance, including web response time, API performance, database read/writes, globals, and custom metrics specific to the data platform.

Wellbase is fully customizable to meet your business needs, whether you are in the private or public sphere. Highlight the features you want and see your important data at a glance.

Wellbase Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a system administrator. How will Wellbase help me?

Wellbase will provide a clear view of how your OS and InterSystems Stack is performing in real time. This visibility aids in proactive monitoring, allowing administrators to identify and address issues before they escalate.

I’m a technical support manager. How can Wellbase help me?

Wellbase allows you to identify and address performance problems before they escalate into major issues, potentially preventing a flood of support tickets. Through Wellbase Coordinator, issues get routed to appropriate teams or individuals based on factors like category, impact, or urgency. This ensures that the right people are working on resolving the issues.

I’m a technical support engineer. What can Wellbase do for me?

When support issues arise, quickly drill down to the root cause, streamlining the troubleshooting process. By using Wellbase Coordinator, you can access standard resolution workflows designed to address common issues. 

I’m an executive. What can Wellbase do for me?

Wellbase helps to ensure that your InterSystems application performance aligns with business goals, ensuring that the technology effectively supports critical business processes and operations. By proactively identifying and addressing performance issues, you’ll reduce the risk of downtime, loss of revenue, and potential harmful impact on patient care.