Channels 360 Empowers Social Determinants of Health Networks

Channels 360 provides SDHNs with essential tools to engage community stakeholders with residents and connect people with available services.

Integrate lists and directories of agencies into a single source. Enable non-connected agencies to manage referrals and close the loop.

What Is Channels 360?

Risk Manager

Intervene for at-risk patients and help them remove barriers to quality care.

Program Builder

Patients are enrolled in Channels 360 programs based on HIE alerts, data from population health, analytics engines, and even spreadsheets.

Task Coordinator

Programs are defined in Channels 360 using a simple graphical modeler to assign tasks to a coordinator. Routine tasks can be fully automated.

Workload Manager

Staff leadership can quickly set up and implement programs, including assigning staff and managing workload and performance through dashboards.

How Does Channels 360 Work?

Channels 360 complements your existing technology so you can leverage your investments while getting more done.

What Does Channels 360 Enable?

  • Clinical Protocol Standardization
  • Standard or Customized Assessments
  • Risk Flags
  • Automation of Routine Tasks
  • Direct Messaging with Providers
  • Patient Messaging
  • An EHR Companion Module
  • SMART on FHIR Integration
  • Real-Time Clinical Events Stream

Who Is Channels 360 For?

Organizations that want to manage patient risk and help them get the support and services they need.

  • Providers
  • Federal Qualified Health Centers
  • Community Health Clinics
  • Rural Health Clinics
  • Health Coaches
  • Wellness Educators
  • Community Hub Services
  • Self-Insured Administrators
  • Payers
  • ACOs
  • IDNs

Channels 360 can add value to your care coordination initiatives

Facilitate proactive interventions for at-risk patients

- Enroll patients in programs through real-time clinical events or pre-defined cohorts

- Reduce intervention variation by creating structured program workflows

- Improve outcomes, quality scores, and patient satisfaction

Enable cross-organizational workflows

- Communicate with providers via direct messaging

- Automate routine communication tasks

- Reduce reliance on faxing and stale information

Active management through operational dashboards

- Establish performance goals and success criteria

- Track staff performance in real-time and instantly adjust staff workload

- Identify and deploy program improvements quickly and efficiently



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