Financial Services

The financial industry suffers from data management and systems integration challenges. As a result, businesses unsuccessfully strive to coordinate data across many disparate systems. These challenges exist for all sides of the business, from the front office to the middle office to the back office. Ready Computing can intelligently integrate these disparate systems and help your organization drastically reduce costs, improve IT efficiency, and increase revenues.


Front Office

Your front office is your first line of interaction with your clients, and it is also your prime source of income generation. Our principal goal is to meet the demanding needs of traders, portfolio managers, and others in the front office by giving them the tools to best advise customers.

Middle Office

At Ready Computing, we understand that an organization’s margins increase when the front office is tightly integrated with the other sides of the business. Working in concert with the middle office, they can minimize operational risk while ensuring conformance to ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Back Office

Though they operate behind the scenes, the back office is vital to a successful organization as they maintain records, clearances, settlements, and regulatory compliance. Whether building a master record hub or providing nightly batch error detection and notification, you can count on Ready Computing’s experience and expertise to help your organization significantly reduce costs, improve IT efficiency, and increase revenues.

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