Government Solutions and Services

For a decade, Ready Computing has led large-scale IT projects for local, state, and federal governments within the United States and throughout the world. We have developed tried-and-true methodologies for delivering successful IT implementations that support political, economic, and legal challenges all governments face regardless of size and jurisdiction.

Federal Government

From implementing national standards to supporting the military’s IT infrastructure, Ready Computing brings an unmatched level of government IT experience. Our IT implementations comply with the highest standards of functionality, usability, security, and reliability.

Here are some key examples of Ready Computing’s involvement with the federal government:

  • National Healthcare IT Initiatives
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Military Health
  • Veteran’s Administration

State or Provincial Government

Like the federal government, state governments provide many crucial IT-dependent services to their residents. Though discrepancies between them exist, more and more states are standardizing healthcare services such as patient identification, privacy and consent, and management.

Here are some key examples of Ready Computing’s involvement with state and provincial governments:

  • Health Information Exchange
  • Medicaid-Sponsored Healthcare IT

City or Local Government

City and local governments share many needs with federal and state governments, but they often lack the overhead and capacity to fulfill them. Furthermore, they usually place an even greater emphasis on the needs of the target population. Ready Computing has years of experience helping local governments optimize their workflows by converting challenges into opportunities.

Here are some key examples of Ready Computing’s involvement with city and local government:

  • Health Information Exchange

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