Private Sector Services

Serving the Private Sector for Over a Decade

Ready Computing has been serving private sector clients worldwide for over ten years, providing top-notch solutions and services in various industries including health and social care, supply chain and logistics, insurance, and financial services. Our offerings cater to a wide range of needs, such as system integration, data management, program management, team coordination, cloud management, and much more.

    Health and Social Care

    For well over a decade, we have specialized in building, implementing, and operating “connected care” solutions that serve health and social care within the private and public sectors.

    Financial Services

    We help financial services organizations specialized in banking, investment, securities trading, asset management, tax and accounting, and more to optimize their back office and front office systems.


    We serve health plans, life insurance carriers, and other insurers to get the most out of their data platforms while integrating with key partner organizations.

    Supply Chain and Logistics

    Whether it’s inventory management, supplier management, risk management, compliance, order fulfillment, or customer satisfaction, we provide IT solutions and services that can make a difference.

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