Implementation Services

Get the most out of your cloud and software with the guidance of a world-class project delivery team. 

You have unique needs that your software must accommodate. Our team will help you design, develop, configure, validate, and deploy a tailored solution that meets your business requirements. Common implementation tasks include solution design, database design, systems integration, service and API definition, validation, and deployment.


Managing large-scale and mission-critical implementations in any industry is no easy task, and the healthcare industry brings some of our greatest challenges. Our proven implementation methodology is grounded in project management best practices, quality, and risk management, enabling us to successfully lead our clients through some of their most complex projects.

Systems Integration

Whether small or large, all implementation projects feature some element of systems integration. Most projects begin as message-exchange projects and evolve into highly-interoperable implementations that allow ubiquitous access to content in centralized or federated databases. We are true experts in implementing the data exchange protocols required to ensure project success. We work within an ecosystem of proven technology partners to implement large-scale innovative systems.

Testing and Certification

No professional services organization is better suited to help you through your testing and certification processes than Ready Computing. In healthcare, for example, we have excellent relationships with certification bodies such as International Computer Security Association (ICSA) Labs, as well as standards-promoting bodies such as Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) and Health Level 7 (HL7). Because of our experience in developing and implementing IT standards, we provide expert guidance through testing processes like IHE Connectathon and certification programs like Meaningful Use.

We will work with you to determine your software requirements and create development strategies to implement them. We will also design and administer rigorous test plans to certify the software and help you address your particular needs in a simplified procedure that serves you and your organization.

Training and Education

Developing educational courses, learning paths, and training materials is a critical and complex matter that must be delicately planned to achieve maximum impact and results. In any professional environment, there is always a great breadth of experience, skill, and learning styles that need to be taken into account so that the training and educational experience is beneficial to the group as a whole. We have years of experience developing coursework focused on information technology and come from the point of view that each student plays a tremendous role in the overall success of the course. We develop and deliver our materials around this concept and leverage a team’s ability to balance skills and transfer knowledge between members.

Privacy and Security

Ready Computing adheres to the highest corporate standards, including ethics, privacy, security, and other codes of conduct. Our employees must go through HIPAA and other onboarding training to ensure compliance with corporate policies. We transfer these stringent requirements to each client’s implementation. We have established and implemented a comprehensive set of security guidelines to protect all levels, including physical, infrastructure, software, and database.

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