TierPoint is security-focused, cloud-forward, and data center-strong, a champion for untangling the hybrid complexity of modern IT, so you can free up resources to innovate, exceed customer expectations, and drive revenue.

What does TierPoint do?

TierPoint untangles the complexity in Hybrid IT, meeting customers where they are on the path to digital and IT transformation by leading with security, being cloud-agnostic, and always solutioning for business outcomes. TierPoint draws on a comprehensive portfolio of services, from public to private to multitenant cloud, from colocation to disaster recovery, security, and more.

What Industries does TierPoint serve?

TierPoint’s diverse customer base represents many organization types, including Healthcare, Financial, Communications, Government, Education, Non-Profits, SaaS, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, and other enterprises. Their in-house experts and annual compliance audits ensure they are well-equipped to meet industry-specific regulations and strict data retention and uptime requirements.

    • – Retail
    • – Energy
    • – Financial Services
    • – Healthcare
    • – Manufacturing and Supply Chain
    • – Non-Profit
    • – Technology and SaaS

How do TierPoint and Ready Computing work together?

TierPoint, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is Ready Computing’s strategic partner for enterprise-class cloud solutions. TierPoint has mastered the art of providing hosting solutions that are reliable, secure, and customizable and meet or exceed industry requirements and best practices.

When Ready Computing provides managed services to its clients, it looks to TierPoint in partnership to provide the core server infrastructure on which Ready Computing’s delivered software is hosted.

TierPoint FAQ

Which services does TierPoint offer?

TierPoint provides secure, reliable, and connected solutions at the internet’s edge. These include hybrid cloud services, IT applications services, security, IT advisory, disaster recovery, and more.

Which solutions does TierPoint offer?

TierPoint employs a consultative approach to design and deliver customized technology solutions that help clients achieve the outcomes their businesses demand. TierPoint helps companies to optimize IT spending, protect data, improve performance, close IT skills gaps, modernize IT, adopt cloud-enhanced innovation, and ensure business continuity.

How many data centers does TierPoint operate?

TierPoint currently operates 40 world-class data centers across 20 U.S. markets, coast-to-coast. Their data centers are located in Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Washington, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

How much money can TierPoint save my business?

Downtime can be costly for businesses. When applications and data are inaccessible, employees can’t do their jobs, transactions don’t go through, and business revenue comes to a halt. Do you know how much an outage would cost your business? Use TierPoint’s Downtime Calculator to find out.

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