Google Cloud is ready to helporganizations build a new way
forward in an increasingly AI-driven world.

What does Google Cloud do?

Google Cloud brings together innovations from across Google to help customers digitally transform with AI that’s ready for what’s next, data insights that speed innovation, infrastructure that’s designed to meet industry needs, collaboration tools that help teams do their best work, and security that can proactively stop threats.

What Industries does Google Cloud serve?

Google Cloud serves clients across industries and sectors and is most often used by software developers, cloud administrators, and other IT professionals within organizations.

How does Ready Computing work with Google Cloud?

By joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program, Ready Computing can sell products and manage services with Google Cloud and build applications and solutions using Google Cloud technology. Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Ready Computing can now leverage Google Cloud’s vast global infrastructure. With support from an authorized Google Cloud distributor, we are an approved partner for Google Workspace, allowing Ready Computing to work with customers who want to move to Google Workspace.

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