As one of the nation’s leading Managed Security Services Providers, Alert Logic delivers 24/7 security expertise, unparalleled threat intelligence, and comprehensive coverage across any environment.

What does Alert Logic do?

Founded in 2002, Alert Logic delivers unrivaled security for any environment through MDR and WAF solutions. Alert Logic is the industry’s first SaaS-enabled managed detection and response (MDR) provider with purpose-built technology and security experts that help identify and respond to cybersecurity breaches. 

What Industries does Alert Logic serve?

Alert Logic helps customers across industries left on their own by vendors who provide security products but not threat intelligence or expertise. 
  • – Information Technology
  • – Financial Services
  • – Retail
  • – Healthcare
  • – Insurance
  • – And more
  • How do Alert Logic and Ready Computing work together?

    Alert Logic delivers white-glove managed detection and response (MDR) with comprehensive coverage for public clouds, SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments. Alert Logic provides a world-class threat platform, offers a seamless partner experience, and improves unit economics. As the industry’s first managed detection and response (MDR) provider, Alert Logic delivers unrivaled security value to Ready Computing, its other technology partners, and customers

    Alert Logic FAQ

    Who is the parent company of Alert Logic?

    Alert Logic is proud to be part of Fortra’s comprehensive portfolio. Fortra simplifies today’s complex business landscape by bringing complementary products together to solve problems in innovative ways.

    Which services does Alert Logic offer?

    Alert Logic delivers unrivaled managed security for any environment, delivering industry-leading extended detection and response (XDR), managed detection and response (MDR), and web application firewall (WAF) solutions.

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