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Solutions Development

Our Solutions division leverages the latest IT innovations to build custom applications, whether for customer-specific use or generally licensed for the market. Our solutions undergo full-stack development in multiple methodologies and are regulated to meet the latest industry and interoperability standards.

Software Development

We’re software developers at heart. Before joining Ready Computing, many of us worked at leading software vendors in healthcare and other industries. We know how to design and develop software applications that engage users, perform well, scale as activity increases, and address the latest uses cases. We leverage this combined experience to build rich, incredible applications that will revolutionize your industry. Following a quality-focused development methodology, we incorporate formal stages from requirements gathering and design to development, testing, delivery, and feedback to ensure success.

Regulated Development

Our team of integration experts develops and delivers a full spectrum of powerful, user-centric software solutions tailored to solve today’s most complex IT challenges. Regardless of your development team’s size and skill set, we can assist you every step of the way.

Interoperability and Standards

As interoperability experts, we guide clients through a rigorous standards creation process from beginning to end. In healthcare, we specialize in streamlined FHIR implementation, providing clients with fast, easy, and flexible systems. We ensure compliance with industry standards using ISO 13485, HITECH, HIPAA/HITRUST, CRM applications, and more, so your investment is future-proofed and aligned with current requirements.

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