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We are excited to announce that Ready Computing has been awarded a position on the G-Cloud 13 contract (Lots 1-3), giving us another avenue to provide cloud hosting and software services to the UK central government departments and other public sector bodies.

Replacing G-Cloud 12, G-Cloud 13 will allow government and public sector organisations to “buy cloud-based computing services such as hosting, software and cloud support, including many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.” Learn more about the benefits and updates G-Cloud 13 is bringing to the market.

G-Cloud 13 is our second significant framework contract obtained in 2022. Earlier this year, we were named a supplier on the Digital Outcome and Specialists 6 Framework (Digital Outcomes 6), making it easy to access and benefit from our services. Learn more about Digital Outcomes 6.

If you’re interested in working with us, please fill out our contact form, and our team will get back to you shortly.