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Ready Computing Leadership

Ready Computing’s leadership team consists of executives and managers that possess more than 130 years of combined, specialized experience in healthcare and IT. This veteran team of innovators is what guides Ready Computing to achieving its mission of Delivering Service with Integrity.

Executive Team

Michael LaRocca

Founder and CEO

James Gallagher

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Derby

Chief Services Officer

Chad Root

Vice President of Managed Services

Todd Johnson

Vice President of Product Development

Trudy Wade

Chief Financial Officer

Jake Pugh

General Counsel

Management Team

Tyson Markley

Senior Delivery Manager

Mario Carranza

Director of Finance

Steve Orman

Services Director

Jim Powers

Services Director

Olivia Reyes

Director of Human Resources

Mark Taylor

Senior Director of Product Management

Anthony Simonetta

Director of Compliance and Risk Management

Scott Palmer

Director of Sales

Matthew Simpson

Technical Director

Kimberly McLaughlin

Technical Director

Kate Skrocki

Director of Software Development

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