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Ready Computing Uses The Power Of Data To Optimize Response Team Coordination
09 October 2020

Ready Computing Uses The Power Of Data To Optimize Response Team Coordination

Ready Computing Uses The Power Of Data To Optimize Response Team Coordination

NEW YORK, October 9, 2020 ( - Ready Computing, a full-service IT organization specializing in data-intensive implementations, custom solutions, and IT operations is expanding its offerings to support the optimization of response team coordination. Ready's innovative offerings include Channels, a care and community resource management platform, and Wellbase, a secure and proactive IT management solution. Through these offerings, Ready harnesses the power of data and workflows to improve how cross-organizational teams are taking action.

Whether in the healthcare industry or other sectors, data is one of an organization's most valuable assets. Having the right tools to capture, secure, manage, and utilize available data is equally important. Today's organizations are under increasing pressure to respond efficiently to patients, customers, partners, and other stakeholder needs. Often these needs and resultant actions are addressed through response teams that may come in the form of clinical, social services, IT operations, customer support and more. Real-time, quality data, easy to manage workflow tools and automated actions are key to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of these business-critical teams.

Ready Computing's Channels supports care and community organizations in leveraging data assets by creating rules, enrollments, alerts, and automated actions from real-time clinical and social determinants data coupled with community resource information. The result is higher performing response teams contributing to the improved health and well-being of patients.  

While Channels helps organizations utilize data to benefit patients and community members in need, Ready Computing's Wellbase Coordinator allows organizations to better monitor their IT environment to ensure it is secure and performing as intended. Teams responsible for monitoring and managing critical IT assets are able to focus on the right issues at the right time, increasing quality, reliability and reducing team strain.  Wellbase is designed around ease of use, and Ready's Wellbase Coordinator allows users to customize workflows, receive proactive notifications along with prioritized and properly assigned response actions, while seamlessly integrating with support systems. 

"The proactive nature of Wellbase is one of its most important features, as it automatically alerts the right support staff and others who need to be aware of urgent IT issues," said Chad Root, the Vice President of Operations at Ready Computing. "And while we see this solution most often utilized in healthcare environments, Wellbase has flexible workflow tools other customer-centric features that can benefit IT teams in a variety of industries."

Ready Computing's focus on delivering solutions that optimize a wide range of response teams is timely and important in today's fast-changing business environment. "Our team at Ready Computing lives and breathes data. We have long history of interoperability expertise and have delivered countless solutions to support secure, quality data integration, exchange and analysis. We now see the need to support the next step - use data to drive meaningful actions across diverse teams," said Brett Johnson, Ready Computing's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

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