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Ready Computing Extends IT Services and Solutions in Support of Accelerating Changes in Healthcare and Other Sectors
25 September 2020

Ready Computing Extends IT Services and Solutions in Support of Accelerating Changes in Healthcare and Other Sectors

Ready Computing Extends IT Services and Solutions in Support of Accelerating Changes in Healthcare and Other Sectors

NEW YORK, September 25, 2020 ( - Ready Computing, a full-service IT organization specializing in data-intensive implementations, custom solutions, and IT operations, today announced expanded offerings to serve the healthcare, supply chain, and insurance markets in response to accelerating changes in business workflows, demand for remote workforce needs, improved team coordination, and enhanced customer experience.

Ready Computing's professional service offering has primarily focused on the delivery of large-scale healthcare IT solutions in the public and private sectors. In recent years, Ready has built upon their unprecedented interoperability, standards, and health IT expertise to develop and deliver "Channels", a dynamic solution for optimizing clinical and operational response teams, and "Wellbase", an innovative, secure, and customer-focused IT hosting and proactive managed services offering.

Through strong technology vendor partnerships, industry experience, and technical expertise, Ready has consistently met customer goals resulting in steady company and client growth. Central to Ready's success is its efficient, quality-driven, and customer-focused implementation methodology, an agile, regulatory-compliant software development capability, and its secure, flexible, and bulletproof cloud offering. Ready truly is an end-to-end technology partner.

Ready Computing's products and services, which have been proven at large scale within the healthcare sector, are being extended to serve new industries, such as supply chain and insurance. As it has done time and time again, Ready will continue to meet the highest demands in data integration, evolving business workflows, improved team coordination, and cost-effective IT operation.

"Our diverse and growing team of professionals are focused and aligned on a common goal - advancing the use of technology to enrich the work of our clients, delight customers, and improve lives. This has never been more important than today given the rapid evolution of business operations and the ever-increasing need for real-time quality data, integrated systems, easy-to-use tools, and collaborative teams," said Brett Johnson, Ready Computing's Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Ready Computing's impact on the healthcare IT industry has been significant. Founded in 2011 by CEO Michael LaRocca, Ready has built a reputation as a trusted services partner, who works hand in hand with clients and partners to deliver on challenging and leading-edge projects. From performing small consulting efforts to leading some of the largest Health Information Exchange (HIE) implementations in the world, Ready has had a direct and positive impact on healthcare delivery using innovative IT solutions.

"Ready Computing's success is rooted in several core principles: put the customer first, pick the right partners, foster a happy and healthy work culture, uphold the highest level of integrity, and plan for positive outcomes," said Michael LaRocca, Founder and CEO. "We see our clients as an extension of our family, and our singular goal is to be successful together."

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Ready Computing specializes in designing, building, implementing, and managing large-scale IT solutions for healthcare and other industries. Ready Computing serves both the public and private sectors in the United States and internationally, and supports organizations of all sizes with its comprehensive software and service offerings. Ready Computing excels in leveraging existing IT investments while providing complementary solutions that position clients for future growth and competitive advantage.

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