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Healthcare Solutions and Services

Whether you're a caregiver, an insurer, or patient, our goal is to help you make breakthroughs in how you deliver, fund, and receive care.


Healthcare providers perform truly amazing work, and our role as technologists is to help them continue to perform that work with optimal efficiency and efficacy. While the introduction of technology can sometimes be disruptive to industries with rich histories, with time, it quickly becomes a core part of daily workflows—enabling higher productivity across the entire continuum of care.

Key areas that Ready Computing aids providers with are:

  • Coordinated Care
  • EMR and EHR Integration
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Population Health Management


Health plans are constantly working to optimize the patient care process, especially as the logistical distance between payers and their providers shrinks. As health plans and provider organizations collaborate more, the patient's overall care process and health outcomes are dramatically improved.

One of the most groundbreaking movements sparked by the payer-provider collaboration, is the reinvention of the process by which care is funded. Evolving from a fee-for-service model to a fee-for-value model, public and private payers are incentivizing providers to deliver a better standard of care that better supports the patient's well-being over the bottom-line. As a result, clinical processes are being performed more organically—providing patients with better care, while concurrently alleviating the healthcare system from over-burdening.

Key areas that Ready Computing aids payers with are:

  • Health Information Exchange
  • Case Management/Gaps in Care


Patients are rapdily assuming more accountability for their health and becoming a more integral part of the care process. As a result, they are taking proactive and reactive measures to stay healthy and treat health conditions. Advancements in IT permit us to communicate with our doctors more effectively than ever before.

Ready Computing helps patients by supporting and working on high-impact projects and initiatives that aid patients by facilitating active participation in the personal care process for them and their families.

Key areas that Ready Computing aids patients with are:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Home-Health Monitoring and Device Integration
  • Knowledge Modules
  • Personal Health Records
  • Privacy and Consent
  • Secure Patient-Provider Messaging

Medical Devices

At Ready Computing, we have experienced developers that can collaborate with Medical Device vendors for custom solutions. Our QMS services offer full control of all project documentation and policies in a system that is compliant with federal regulations to provide traceability, cybersecurity, risk-mitigation, and trust.

Standards, Education, and Meaningful Use

We love standards. In fact, we consider ourselves true "standards-geeks". As proud members of various standard-based organizations, we help create the standards that we implement. Not only are we well-versed in standards, but we are professors of our own craft—taking the time to teach our clients how best to navigate the ever-changing industry standards. This instills a true sense of confidence within our clients, and helps to ensure that the software they've developed or implemented will not just work, but that it will also be compliant with industry recommendations and best practices.

Key areas that Ready Computing supports standards, education, and MU with are:

  • DirectTrust
  • Classroom or Web-based Training
  • IHE
  • Meaningful Use
  • The Sequoia Project

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