Value-based care strategies delivered through a dynamic approach to clinical data
A Clinical Program Management Solution with easy-to-create care ‘Channels’ that deliver optimal care by harnessing your real-time clinical and claims data


Empower patient and payer care teams to create new care programs and custom templates, integrating them into new and existing clinical workflows


Identify program effectiveness and potential improvements through at-a-glance reports that provide a snapshot of your program’s health


Utilize real-time analytics and dashboards to unlock the power of your HIT data systems and make informed decisions about resource allocations


Coordinate teams through a single, unified patient view that facilitates communication across the entire spectrum of care

Get Ready for Channels!

High-quality, effective care is best delivered through efficient coordination and implementation of value-based programs that bring together a patient’s care team, encouraging clinical best practices

How Does it Work

  • Rapidly implement programs that are constantly evolving
  • Harness real-time EHR, HIE, and claims data to identify events
  • Drive adherence to guidelines
  • Reduce costs, improve performance, and bridge care gaps

Who Benefits?

Mary was recently discharged from the ER with an acute COPD diagnosis
Dr. Vasquez is a Primary Care Physician at a regional Health System
James is a Program Manager at a Large Private Insurer
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