Insurance Solutions and Services

While IT serves each area of insurance differently, insurance companies share common IT-related goals: securely onboard new members, automate manual processes, and manage claims.

Health Insurance

With the growing adoption of Health Information Exchange (HIE) technology in the payer space, health plans have the opportunity to enhance many of their existing processes. HIE platforms receive a person’s demographics, clinical transactions, claims, and employer billing data in real time and store the data for advanced analysis. Whether you are a health plan or software vendor, Ready Computing can help you develop solutions to optimize your premium billing processes.

Automobile Insurance

The automobile insurance industry is facing numerous challenges while undergoing a technology transformation. With today’s advancements in on-board devices such as dispatch, GPS, video, and audio systems, companies can gather a much wider array of information than ever before. The key challenge is to organize and analyze this data efficiently so that it can easily integrate with downstream systems. Ultimately, our key goals are to use this information to identify fault in an accident situation, detect fraudulent cases, and have the foresight to predict when accidents or fraud might occur.

Life Insurance

Ready Computing has extensive experience with rich systems implementation and knows how to assess and define the most appropriate data migration journey. We offer a proven, cost-effective, industrialized approach that enables unprecedented levels of automation and productivity. This fully-packaged service enables organizations to realize greater certainty in their data migration projects, whether we are undertaking single or multiple migration activities. 

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